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Best Travel Apps To Use While At Your Vacation Rental in Newport Beach, CA

Booking a vacation rental in Newport Beach, CA means looking forward to plenty of relaxation and leisure. But travelling can also be stressful and complicated unless you’re organized and prepared! To help make sure your trip is stress-free and full of fun, check out our top recommended travel apps for 2021! These apps help you get to your rental smoothly, split travel expenses, and find great things to do in Newport Beach.


If you’re flying into LAX, Long Beach, or John Wayne before making your way to your Orange County beach house rental, having MyTSA installed on your phone helps make your trip a little easier. MyTSA is the official app of the TSA, allowing you to check wait times at TSA checkpoints, letting you know how early you need to arrive at the airport to ensure you have a smooth journey.


If you’re travelling with friends or family and plan to split expenses, Splitwise is an excellent app that makes it easy. Simply keep track of shared expenses as you incur them over the course of your trip, marking down who paid for what. Then, when you’re ready, Splitwise breaks down who owes what, saving you a lot of painstaking math problems and taking the stress out of sharing expenses.


Packing is perhaps the worst part of traveling, which is why we love this PackPoint app. All you have to do is tell the app where you’re going and how long you’ll be there. Once you’ve done that, PackPoint will tell you what you should pack! If you want a more detailed list, you can also tell the app what kind of activities you’ll be doing while on your trip. Perfect for chronic over- or under-packers.


You’ve probably used Tripadvisor before, because it’s among the top websites and apps for trip planning and sightseeing. Scope out all the great activities, restaurants, and excursions worth exploring near our Newport Beach house rentals. You can even book activities through the app or save places for later and view your saved places on a helpful map.

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