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Last Minute Ocean-Inspired Halloween Costumes


As the leaves change and the Halloween spirit fills the air, there’s no better time to combine a thrilling getaway with the spooktacular festivities. If you find yourself in Newport Beach this Halloween and are in need of a last-minute costume, fear not! We’ve got you covered with creative ideas that are sure to impress. 

Plus, with the convenience of an Orange County vacation rental, you’ll have a comfortable base to prepare for the holiday fun.

Beachy Ghost or Mermaid

Blend the coastal charm of Newport Beach with the Halloween spirit by crafting a beach-inspired ghost or mermaid costume. Throw on a flowing white dress or a shimmering mermaid tail, and add seashell accessories. Pair it with a light layer of ghostly makeup or iridescent hues for an ethereal look. Your Orange County vacation rental will serve as the perfect place to assemble your beachy ensemble.

Surfing Superhero

Embrace the surf culture of Newport Beach by becoming a superhero of the waves. Grab your swimsuit, a superhero logo t-shirt, and a colorful cape. Complete the look with a surfboard prop and your favorite shades. This fun and easy costume can be put together in minutes, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the Halloween festivities near your vacation rental.

Nautical Pirate

Infuse a touch of pirate adventure into your Newport Beach Halloween with a nautical pirate costume. Combine striped clothing, a pirate hat, and an eyepatch for a classic look. Accessorize with a toy sword and a makeshift treasure chest. With an Orange County vacation rental as your dressing room, you can easily transform into a swashbuckling pirate ready for fun.

California Tourist

Turn the tables by dressing up as a tourist in the place you’re vacationing! Pair your favorite Hawaiian shirt with cargo shorts, a sun hat, and sandals. Don’t forget a camera around your neck, and a map (or GPS, let’s be real) in hand! This light-hearted costume is not only amusing but also perfect for exploring Newport Beach’s attractions right from your vacation rental’s doorstep.

Sea Creature Enchantment

Let the mysteries of the ocean inspire your last-minute Halloween look. Craft a sea creature costume using iridescent fabrics, sequins, and shimmering makeup. Transform into a mesmerizing jellyfish, a graceful seahorse, or a majestic sea turtle. Your Orange County vacation rental will provide the ideal setting for getting ready and showcasing your aquatic creation.


With Newport Beach’s enchanting backdrop and the comfort of an Orange County vacation rental, last-minute Halloween costume planning becomes an enjoyable adventure in itself. These creative ideas effortlessly blend the holiday spirit with the unique essence of Newport Beach. 

Whether you’re joining a local Halloween event or simply exploring the coastline, your memorable Halloween getaway awaits – costumes and all! Book your vacation rental today for a Halloween experience like no other.


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