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Lowering Your Carbon Footprint At Our Newport Beach House Rentals

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint while on vacation, we’ve created a list of various ways to keep our planet clean, one small step at a time.

Take A Longer Vacation

No… really! Studies have shown the longer vacations you take, the less you will fly throughout the year. Or even better, take a drive rather than a flight. Bonus points if you take a train or bus! Just tell your boss you need that longer vacation time to keep the planet healthy!

Turn Everything At Home Off

Before visiting one of our beach house rentals in Newport Beach, be sure to turn down your thermostat so it doesn’t run rampant while you’re away. Bonus – this will save $$ on your bills! Be sure to unplug all electronics and unnecessary lighting while you’re away. This really does make a difference! Besides, it’s not like you’re missing out on it while you’re enjoying your beach vacay!

Use Public Transportation

Save money on rental cars and take a look at using local public transit in your area! Buses, trains and trolleys are great ways to reduce your carbon footprint, while also getting a better look at where you’re staying! 

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

Tools like The Ocean Foundation allow you to calculate your carbon footprint based on your daily lifestyle, vacations, and business activity. Taking a look at your footprint puts into perspective what we do each and every day. Choose how to limit your footprint in your daily life, or donate to organizations that will plant trees, seagrass, mangroves, and more!


Our properties at Newport Beach offer some of the most beautiful views around – let’s keep them sustainable by reducing our carbon footprint together at our beach house rentals!

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