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Tips for Living with Others in Your Newport Beach House Rental

We know you love your family and friends! That doesn’t always mean they’re easy to live with, even in one of our Newport Beach house rentals. Here, we’re offering a few tips on how to maximize your vacation experience while living with others!

Don’t Overplan

The #1 stressor when it comes to vacationing with others is deciding what you’re going to do together. Overplanning is a huge part of this! Rather than planning out every second of your day and ultimately ending up disappointed when things don’t go according to plan, let your friends and family know what you would like to do, and work out times together. 

Be Ready to Communicate

Unless you are traveling solo, it’s important to remember that your vacation is not all about you – or any one person! Taking time to communicate with your party about everyone’s priorities will ensure everyone gets an equal part in enjoying what they want to do most on vacation.

Take Time for Yourself

Traveling with others doesn’t mean that every activity has to be done together. In fact, prioritizing time for yourself, whether it’s going out, spending the day at the beach, or relaxing indoors, is key to avoiding burnout while on vacation with others. After all, relaxing and enjoying yourself is the most important part of vacation! Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about taking time for yourself.

Make a Social Media Plan

This may not apply to everyone, but for many of us, deciding what and when our photos get posted on social media is a big deal! Always be sure to double check with your friends and family who prioritize their social media presence before uploading pictures they are included in. 

Keep Track of Money

Sometimes keeping everything together is so much easier than splitting checks or making multiple transactions in stores or restaurants. However, don’t let the convenience of a moment allow you to forget that you have to pay someone back, and vice versa! Apps like Splittr and Splitwise allow you to keep track of how much money you owe, and are owed in return. Don’t let money cause problems on your vacation!


The biggest takeaway from this list is to remember that you’re on vacation – enjoy it to your fullest potential in whatever way you see fit!

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