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Tips For Using The BBQ Grills At Our Orange County Beach House Rentals

Did you know our Orange County beach house rentals come with BBQ grills? Nothing says “vacation” like a delicious cookout complete with your favorite burger, steak, fajita, or grilled veggies. This is one of our guests’ favorite amenities to take advantage of while staying at our Newport Beach beachfront rentals, so we wanted to share some tips for getting the most out of our BBQ grills! These tips make your meals more delicious and cleanup even easier.

Start with a Clean Grill

Food cooked on a grill coated with char and food pieces will transfer unwanted flavors, and just isn’t appetizing. Although we take care to clean our Newport Beach house rentals thoroughly between each guest and ask that guests clean the grill after each use, it’s worth quickly double checking to see if the grate needs a light brushing before you heat up the grill.

Direct Heat vs. Indirect Heat

Grills are perfect for creating a nice sear, but you need to keep an eye on what you’re cooking to make sure that sear doesn’t turn into too much char. For vegetables and thick meats that need to cook evenly all the way through (like chicken breasts), you’ll want to utilize the edges of the grate to get the food out of the direct heat so it has the chance to cook more slowly and gently. Feel free to use direct heat at first when you’re after that tasty sear, and move to the sides if necessary once the sear is achieved.

Keep It Simple

Especially when you’re cooking for a crowd, trying to grill too many different things can make it difficult to keep track of grill times and open you up to mistakes that normally wouldn’t be too hard to avoid. Stick to one or two main options so you can manage it all, and then supplement if desired by side dishes and condiments that don’t need grilling, like slaw, fresh fruits and vegetables, pickles, and so on.

Kabobs are King

When you’re not sure what to grill, kabobs are one of the easiest choices. With kabobs, you
can cut meats into even-sized chunks, which promotes even cooking, and you don’t have to
flip a bunch of individual meats or veggies, you can just flip each skewer all at once. When

kabobs, it’s easiest to stick to meats and hardy vegetables like bell peppers and onion, but
nothing that takes too long to cook (like root vegetables). Cherry tomatoes, pineapple, and
zucchini are also popular choices, just make sure you keep an eye on them and don’t overcook

Ready to get out there and start grilling? We hope we’ve inspired you to grill up something
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